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  • Mass December 24 at 11:00 PM

  • December 25 at 10:00 AM

  • Octave of Christmas  January 1 at 10 AM  (only)

  • No Mass January 18



Call 954-428-2428 for the latest information.


144 North Federal Highway (U.S.#1), Deerfield Beach, Florida, USA. In the Buenavista Plaza (100 North Federal Highway)-- which includes West Marine -- on the east side of US#1, north of Hillsboro Boulevard, north of  Mobil Oil and Taco Bell.  Our marquee sign,  which you will see directly ahead and to the left as you drive in, reads "CHAPEL."  "Our Lady of the Rosary" is on the window. 


The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered according to the rite of Pope Saint Pius V -- also known as the Tridentine Mass.  For those who have drifted away from the traditional Catholic Faith (or who have never known it), becoming accustomed to the use of the Latin language and Gregorian Chant may take several weeks or more.  Our Latin and English missalettes make the process painless.  Just join in with your fellow parishioners.

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